2014: entrance hall and dining room

In the 2nd year we’ve been working on the entrance hall and the dining room. The dining room probably was the room in the worst condition in the property. The room was divided into three parts and there were five toilets for childcare. Again, we started stripping the room. We opened some doors that were bricked up, and closed some doors that had had become obsolete. Right through the dining room, a large sewage pipe went in the floor, for the future wellness and bathroom for the guest room. The entrance hall was in a fairly good condition, with a kind of granito tiles on the floor. The space, however, was marred by many water and electricity pipes that ran over the vaulted ceiling. Also in the entrance hall, a wall had to be demolished.

2013: First apartement

2015: Guest room

2016: Toilets and Pool

2017: Permit and kitchen