Gröbitz is located on the outskirts of the Saale-Unstrut region, in the south of Sachsen-Anhalt. This area, not far from cities such as Leipzig, Dresden, Halle, Jena and Weimar, is also called the Herzland der Deutsche Geschichte. As early as in the Roman time (from 1000 a.d.) this region flourished. Bach, Luther and Goethe, who each in their field, have determined the history of the world have their roots here. World War II and the subsequent Communist era have left their marks. But now takes self-awareness in former East Germany is growing. A vibrant cultural climate prevails in the cities, you feel that there is a new dynamic. The Saale Unstrut area is nominated to be placed on the list of Unesco World Heritage.

In major cities like Leipzig and Dresden you can easily spend several days shopping and enjoying culture. But there are also many pleasant smaller towns such as Naumburg and freyburg, and countless castles, monasteries and ruins that are worth a visit.

Have you had enough culture? Then a walk through the wine-growing areas is recommended (with of course a visit to a Weingut), a canoe trip on the Unstrut, or a visit to old Brown coal mining. Also there are some long-distance bicycle paths in the region. You can swim in the Freibaden (open air swimming pools), that you can find in many villages as a legacy from the GDR-time. Also old brown coal excavations are now often turned into nice beaches where you can spend a day.


Gröbitz is situated no more than 5 minutes from the Autobahn A9 (Berlin-Munich). So it’s easy to get there, and ideally located for day trips.

The village, with about 500 inhabitants, is built against a steep slope. The Schloss is at the top and is the heart of the village. You walk along a picturesque stream down the slope, into the Valley for a shorter or longer walk. Children can go safely on their own into the Valley, because the village as good as car-free.

In Gröbitz itself there are no shops. Three times a week a baker comes into the village. There are small shops in the neighboring villages Stößen and Prittitz (2 km). A large shopping centre is located in Leißling, at about 6 km.

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The ’Bergbau-Technik-Park’ in Neuseenland near Leipzig

Schloss seen from across the valley

The Peter and Paul Cathedral in Naumburg

Canoe trip on the Unstrut with Freyburg in sight, the center of the wine-growing region

Schloss Neuenburg at freyburg is well worth a visit

Schloss Goseck: nice place for lunch

In monastery Schulpforta many well-known Germans are educated

Bad Kösen, the spa town with a 320 meter long Gradierwerk