2013: first apartement

Our first goal was to create an apartment for ourselves in the former ‘Jugendklup’ so that we would have a nice place to stay during our vacations. This room, most of which was painted green, looked pretty reasonable at first glance, with much paneling to hide the moisture in the walls and PVC floor covering. But after stripping the space it turned out to be in very poor condition. Behind the paneling, where moist had been trapped for years, the stucco simply falls off the wall. The wooden floor was largely rot.

In the apartment, eventually we renewed all the piping and electricity. The door to the bedroom has been moved to the hall, all walls have been plastered (with help from the neighbor) and in the living room there is a slate floor.

2014: Entrance hall and dining room

2015: Guest room

2016: Toilets and Pool

2017: Permit and kitchen