2015: Guest room and bar

In 2015 I started with the renovation of the guest room, in the former Gemeindebüro. The room itself is completely plastered, and the slate flooring is laid in. In the room next door, where the spa is planned, a bathroom for the guest room has been built.

The guest room had to be ready in early June, because when we wanted to celebrate a family weekend at the Schloss.

For the summer I built the bar in the dining room, and in the fall I continued to finish the hall and the dining room: Sealing edges, painting, update ceilings and walls, and so on.

In November I finally put the first steps in the application of a planning permission. I found an architect and talked with the Bauordnungsamt and Denkmalschutz. Hopefully I will get this permission before the summer 2016, so I can start with the renovation of the 1st floor.

2013: First apartement

2014: Entrance hall and dining room

2016: Toilets and Pool

2017: Permit and kitchen